Why horses need their supplements too

Given what the trusty steed does for humankind, should it not be necessary for it to also take its supplements. In fact, veterinary surgeons insist upon it. Given the variety of services or functions that the equine species carries out on behalf of humankind, it is vital that the breeds have its fair share of horse supplements. If horses could talk, ask any horse and it will tell you that there are always horse loads of work for it to do each day.

But that is beside the point. Just take a look at the horse’s physiological structure. It is a huge animal at best. Ask any horse breeder or owner and he or she will roll up the proverbial sleeves and let you in on the amount of work that goes into caring for this special breed. Like most domestic animal species or those in human care, the horse is not in a position to fend for itself. It is usually restricted in roaming possibilities and is not always able to benefit from the nourishment that green pastures offer.

And in most urban centers, natural pasture lanes are closed to the animals. While every care is taken to feed the animals correctly, there is always the possible that vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins will be missing from the horse’s feeding trough. The case is, of course, no different for other animals under the custodianship of humans. And those who are fortunate enough to have the resources to use a private practice vet can always expect a prescription or suggestion in the direction of natural animal supplements.

These supplements are uniquely to the benefit of the animals in the sense that tidbits have been added to enhance taste and attractiveness.